Relationships – Physical Intimacy – Guilt Feeling

A relationship is a two-way thing. It is always the decision of two person to come together. At times, we are attracted to a particular person (only one sided) …. for whatever reason may be. A relationship can lead to many things including physical intimacy. When you are engaging yourself in physical intimacy you are feeling joy & satisfaction. Regret or guilt feeling comes later on because of different way of thinking and different cultural practices.But whether the act of engaging in physical intimacy with someone is right or wrong that actually depends on the values and perspective one has towards life. Right or wrong is very relative.Later on, you may in your secretive thought, again look forward to have that time together – but why? Is it for the sake of having that pleasure – definitely NOT. So, what’s that you are seeking – physical relation – well, I don’t think so – you are actually looking forward to “secure” that “emotional addition” in your life for good that the act of physical intimacy generated.So,basically you are looking forward to have that feeling that the passionate action induced in your life.

Never regret about what you have done because you cannot go back in time and erase what has been actually done by you. You can only take corrective actions to change your future. So, acknowledging and accepting the present reality gracefully is the wise thing to do.

There are many couples who get divorced after having very passionate relationship for years. What happens in their case? The answer is that love doesn’t exist like before because of vibrational mismatch. I know, it’s easy to understand intellectually but really difficult to accept the loved one’s rejection having spent years together tied with the beautiful bond of marriage. But you are – Yes! You are AWARE that life changes with time. Life is all about emotions, love, passion. There are many things that you used to do out of love but you don’t like doing those things now. You may not like to listen to the same song even once because you’ve listened it so many times over and over and over again and you do not feel the same joy when you listen to that song now. You may not like to have that same dish again that you were once very fond of. The first low-budget car you bought, which was so dear to you is not that much appealing to you now. You are looking for something different now.

Life changes! We understand and accept this very naturally in case of physical possessions, but it really becomes very difficult to accept in case of our relationships. Why, you know? It is because, we think and believe that our relationship is going to be permanent. When somebody departs from this planet earth, the near and dear ones cry. Why? In all religion, it has been said that when a person dies, he/she goes to God’s kingdom. But, still we cry when somebody departs the world for heavenly abode. The reason we cry is that we are going to miss him/her. We feel bad because of thinking that we will not be able to see / talk to that person again. We cry because of our discomfort for not going to have any more that emotional additions that the person had been adding in our life.

So,if your life-partner has left you, the only option you have is to accept the situation. The earlier the acceptance comes, the better. Once you’ve accepted the present reality of your life in terms of relationships and don’t have any regret – your life starts moving forward. It’s not that the other person has betrayed you. That person’s mindset has changed – that’s all. I am again telling you that it’s difficult to accept. But once you accept it, your life starts changing.

So, what can you do now to be really happy and have a wonderful relationship?

Just focus within. Ask your mind to reveal exactly what you want. Yes, your mind will give a reply….in the form of inspired thoughts or intuitive calling. Trust that. Generally, the first thought is the correct one in most of the cases.

Once you get to know what you want…. start creating the same. Write down the qualities that you want to see in your prospective partner. Ask “the universe” to present that perfect person in front of you and at the same time, command your mind that when the “universe” presents that perfect person, you will identify him/her. Often times the desired thing comes in disguise. That’s why it’s important to command your mind to identify it correctly.

Get into that feeling frequency, that vortex – become the vibrational match to what you are looking forward to experience in life. To get into that frequency, affirmations can be of great help. While affirming you must generate the feelings of actually experiencing the way you’d feel once the person is in front of you. Some useful affirmations for your help:

  1. I am ready and willing to release all past resentment from my life.
  2. I am willing to forgive ……. (name the person you were in relationship with) [It’s difficult to forgive but at least convince yourself that you are willing to forgive]
  3. I am now at peace with myself and the world around me and I am happy.
  4. I am ready to receive the perfect person in my life. (Don’t tell the “universe” how or who should come. Clinging to someone who is not right for you, will only delay your good)
  5. I am now receiving the perfect relationship happily. We are now together. It’s really a great feeling to have got such a wonderful partner.

You can frame affirmations that suits you the best. Speak your affirmations aloud with conviction. Affirmations will help you remind your goals and it will keep your mind focused.Another important thing is don’t just keep parroting your affirmation, generate the feeling. It’s the feeling that brings change.

Hope this will help you. For further assistance, please communicate.

Jatin Biswakarma

Jatin Biswakarma

Jatin Biswakarma is a Company Secretary by profession. He is also an excellent trainer and life-success coach, associated with Miracle Minds ( as Squadron Leader. He lives in Kolkata, India and has a keen interest in spiritual studies. He writes to inspire people to live a positive and abundant life.

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