Please Save Me

I’m a girl..
And I’m not less than a Pearl..
Don’t kill me before give me birth..
As I really want to be on this earth..
I want to grow up..
I want to shine like a star..
I want to be like a bird..
Who will fly in the air..
Oh! please save me..
Let me live my life…
Get me a chance to see this world..
As I want to become a pride..
I am well worthy to b in this world like a boy..
Yes! I am a girl not at all a toy…..

Beauty Dey

I'm from Dibrugarh Assam.. By profession im à medical representative

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16 Thoughts to “Please Save Me”

  1. Avatar sonia sarkar

    Awsm vry nice beauty.keep it up…

  2. Avatar Papai sarkar

    Very nice.. Beauty

  3. Avatar Subhankar Sarkar

    Nice poem beauty di..

  4. Avatar Mousumi Saikia

    Beauty, Your poem always touches my heart dear.. i am and will always be glad to see you grow in this field ofcourse.. with lots of blessing and love keep writing 🙂

    Mousumi saikia
    Well wisher cum mate 🙂

    1. Avatar Beauty Dey

      Thanks dear

  5. Avatar Raja Bhattacharjee

    Very very heart touching lines pyl nd jothoi porche tothotai mone hoche ja amader sather akjon akhon o ache ja naki nijar busy schedul ar modha sobai ka jagia tolar chesta korche ti all the best Frnd keep ur good work going nd amake tor pase always pabi nd cingrats …… Thanku so much

  6. Superb line & motivated also..#Beauty #Dey

  7. Avatar subra dutta

    Nice 1..☺

    1. Avatar Beauty Dey

      Thank u so much…

  8. Avatar Rumia Datta Sinha

    আমি এক কন্যাভ্রূণ
    মাতৃগর্ভে আরামে রয়েছি শুয়ে ,
    আমি জন্ম নিতে চাই এই পৃথিবীর বুকে…
    দেখতে চাই দুনয়ন ভরে এ ধরিত্রীর রূপ রস গন্ধ…
    পাখীর মতো ডানা মেলে উড়তে চাই নীলাকশে…
    নক্ষত্রের মতো ঝিকমিক করতে চাই মহাকাশে…
    আমিও করতে পারি বংশের মুখ উজ্জ্বল…
    তোমরা আমাকে বাঁচতে দাও…
    একটু সুযোগ দাও নিজেকে প্রমাণ করার…

    দারুণ লিখেছিস #পায়েল , খুব ভালো লাগলো ।

  9. Avatar Kundan Singh

    Please saved girls…N Beauty u write very good poem good bless you ☺

  10. Avatar Koeal Dey

    well done divai..itz really heart touching…evry grl should gt chance to live their life…nice concept as well…

  11. Avatar Jeet

    Very nice poem, infact its a thought of every girl..a girl is truely a pearl 🙂 keep writing

  12. Avatar Beauty Dey

    Thanks to all of u..will defntly try to write more poems on some intresting concept…..

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