Momo: A revolution in Street food..!

Momo is born in the valleys of Tibet, travelled through the Himalayas and crossed the border to reach us. It is now well known staple food of Tibet, Nepal and Darjeeling. And the favourite street food of crores around India mostly north, east and north-east parts of India. Every locality has its own Momo vendors either on food court or with food cart. Now chaat, samosa, chops, rolls and our dear Phuchka are having tough competition.This steamed bun comes in various shapes and sizes with or without fillings. Fillings too varies depending on the regional taste and preferences. A wide range of fillings are available. Fillings may be vegetables, paneer, chicken, mutton, pork etc. Most popular type of momo is steamed one. However it comes in two other variants also; fried momo and pan-fried momo in spicy sauces. Momos are served with soup, sauces and chutneys.

Momo belongs to that genre of food which tastes good only when taken from food court or roadsides rather air-conditioned restaurants. A plate of momo ( 5-6 pieces with soup and sauces) costs ₹30-₹50 from an usual vendor. It is famous as new generation healthy snack. Although it is popular among all generations. While travelling through Nepal and Darjeeling to the Plains its seasoning and looks may got modified but the flour-water dough is still the same.  The hot dumplings tickle crores of tongues every evening and ruling the food junctions for a decade now.

Abhirupa Ghosh

Abhirupa Ghosh

Here's me Abhirupa Ghosh starting with a formal introduction. I am a student of M.Tech Bioinformatics. I hold interest in Health Science and Medicine. Things you must be careful with while intersecting my ways, am a good observant of a person's behaviour and love reading faces. According to me , the job where I could easily fit in is a food critic because am a foodie. Am a flexible person and the best quality in me is I befriend people easily. Am a strong supporter of women empowerment, thus I think am a feminist. That mustn't sound against other sex. This is all about me , thereby I sign off..!

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