Memories of Another Day

Poem 1

I tumbled down your lap,

And you threw me up in the air,

I touched the wind, the cloud, the sunshine,

As you brought me down the stairs.


Your loving , smiling eyes

My disheveled hair, how

I dwelt endlessly in your embrace,

Without worries, troubles or care.


Poem 3

“ It was time to go” you said one day.

‘Already’? I was quite taken aback.

And yet I was ready in my newfound look,

And desires in my backpack.


The gates opened, and I dared out,

What a maddening place is it?

The snarls and gnarls of life I saw,

The shove, the struggle, and deceit.


Kakoli Sen Banerjee

I am a full time Assistant Professor in English in P.N. Das College in West Bengal, and Part- time guest lecturer at Netaji Subhash Open University. I teach both English literature and Language in undergraduate level as well as postgraduate levels. My interests lies in reading and writing poems and other creative materials. I am an avid reader and an inspired writer.

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