Magic in the Air

Ever since we’ve come to Auroville magic has been in the air. I have had so many magical moments here that I now kind of take it for granted. There is a word for it – synchronicity; when things just fall in place. One such magical experience has to do with the Matrimandir. When I first came here I was really intimidated by the Matrimandir and I never had the guts to venture inside. One evening when I was going home an elderly lady asked me for a lift. When I asked her where she wants to go she said “Matrimandir”. She insisted on taking me inside and we sat under the Banyan Tree for a long time. It was magical. Ever since,it’s my place for stilling my thoughts and just enjoying the calming sounds of nature around me. I often go to the Matrimandir now and it always centres me but I don’t think my relation would have been as magical had it not been for this lady. Some people by virtue of their innocence and purity of intention are sometimes above the general order. I later got to know that this is not the way to get entry, that there are rules. But I genuinely believe that that moment was meant to be. Sometimes in our daily routines we fail to see the magic in the air, we miss out. We miss out on feeling special, of feeling cared for. Everyone of us is special and everything that is happening around us was specially designed for us with a lot of love and care so that we may choose to grow every moment and move towards our higher selfs. We are always getting gifts, in the form of blessings or in the form of lessons, we just have to open our hearts to see them.
Mousumi Mukherjee

Mousumi Mukherjee

I live in Auroville which is supposedly an 'alternate' community, but to me the life I live here is how life is meant to be. I guess the facet that most genuinely defines me is my role as mother to my three girls. Other than that I would like to strive to become the best version of myself.

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