Love Forever

Just after getting down from train in a misty afternoon, at his village station, Ronnie sees Ameer, who might have also just got down from another compartment.

Ronnie says – Hello Sir, how are you? Good to see you after so many years?

Ameer is quiet surprised by looking at the sturdy young man. He took a while to recognise him and then exclaimed – Ohh! Is that Ronnie? Look at you my boy, you became a strong man!

Ronnie answered – Yes Sir, I have joined the army few years back. Just came back to village for a few days, on a leave.

Ronnie and Ameer are from the same village. Many years ago Ronnie had a secret relation with Ameer’s wife, Sajda. He used to visit her whenever he felt alone. Sajda used to shower him a lot love.

In the chilling winter evening, they started slowly moving toward the the village, talking about the old days, in a sleepy village road; it’s empty;
A dense evening fog started covering it all over.

Ronnie checks around, takes out an army knife and slashes Ameer’s throat. He tries to resist, shout, but couldn’t stop the sudden attack from a trained soldier. Ameer’s body reels under pain for few seconds and then a sudden jerk…and everything stops.

Ronnie felt happy with his meticulous plan. He was secretly trailing Ameer for past few days and decided that this would have been the best time and place for this perfect murder.

Ronnie hides the body behind the bushes and returns toward the station. He looks around…nope, no one had seen him yet.
Before someone will find the body, he will be far…quiet far off from the scene.

Ronnie smiled in pleasure. Many years ago when he was a small boy, he used to be often hungry. His stepmom used to give him so less to eat, he used look for food…something to eat…all day…all nights. So that he could survive…live.

Sajda was a woman from the same village. Even after may years of her marriage she couldn’t have a child. She used to call Ronnie at home, used to give her food. He never saw his own. For Ronnie Sajda was his mother.mother… Sajda was everything for him in life.

Ameer always wanted a child from Sajda. What is the value for an woman who can’t bear me a son to me? – He used to say and used to be beat severely, mercilessly, everyday.

One afternoon when Ronnie was about to enter the house from the backdoor, he saw Ameer was hanging the half dead Sajda, from a ceiling fan, she was trying to shout, resist,, but…How can she stop a strong young man.

Over next few days Ameer sobbed constantly over his wife’s suicide. Everyone in the village felt so sorry about him; he had managed everything so well. Who cares a small child!

Nilanjan Mukherjee

Nilanjan Mukherjee

Nilanjan is a published author. His first book Ek Nishiddho Amontrone (A Forbidden Invitation) - A collection of Bengali short stories has been published by The Café Table and launched in Kolkata International Book Fair 2018. He regularly writes in his facebook page - Abong18- এবং১৮ (Facebook id - @nmabong18). He likes to tell a tale in unspoken way. He believes that an author's style should be fluid and he should always keep on experimenting with his creation.

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