The Daily Agony Express

Agony Express

As the unknown longs for the known destination

With jittery voices in their mind

and bubblegum wraps in litters

Silent sighs after the setting sun

Grows louder and louder

As the countdown just begun

And they start preparing for a battle

some sweat for triumph, some shake in fear

like a phalanx viciously divided

into some from far, and some who live near


The bland ray of light becomes a blinder

As the imminent boxcar chugs in

They organize themselves in chaos

And rush like ragdolls burning in rage

As if the gates of the hell had opened

But it leads to just another cage

The fortunate one smirks like a king

to the fate of the outnumbered pawn

Such is the anonymous animosity

travelling together during dusk and dawn.


Ranit Mukherjee

Lives, dreams, works for bacon. Prefers to be weird around people. Addicted to heartbreaks. And loves writing gibberish.

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