The broken Promise

I saw you on the day of love, On the day when the hearts unite. You were waiting for someone impatiently, As I stood behind the gate; all quiet. You wore a black suit and trousers, With a bouquet of beautiful roses. I was standing far away, Laughing at your weird poses. Then came the lady, Whom you were waiting for. She was beautiful… prettier Than before. I stepped back, and walked the other way, I tried to forget but it reminded me of that day. When you left me…

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It was red all over. He had no choice. Just like the others. The shirt was smeared The face had nowhere to hide. It was difficult to tell him apart From the others who gave up before. He was just like you, like me, like the boy who lives on the fourth row third house on the left. You don’t know him Neither do I He is oblivion But to the red, He wasn’t Red was all over him He screamed “No no, please spare me” But they wouldn’t listen.…

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