Being You !

You put on make up to hide your scars.
Spend all your savings for showcasing branded clothes and accessories.
Starve yourself to look slim and sexy and what not..

Why? So the people start liking you?  Guess what…. we the people will never get convinced. We will never stop criticizing no matter what you do.

So stop proving yourself to others.
Be strong enough to face the harsh crowd, don’t try to hide yourself.

Remember, true strength is being able to hold it all together when everyone expects you to fall apart. Don’t let their negative energy drain you.

Eat how much you want
Wear whatever you want
Do everything that you ever wished
But. . Be who you are.
Don’t change yourself for others.

Don’t care about them when they don’t care about you.

Remember  you can rule the world just by BEING YOU !!

Keep smiling.. and… PERFECT!!

Aishika Dutta

Aishika Dutta

Hi! I'm Aishika. I'm 16. And a Delhiite. I'm a Writing Freak.

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