Be Generous to be Selfish

I heard this story from an inspirational speaker. He once invited all citizens of his small hometown on a weekend to play an interesting game. There was a room full of colorful balloons. Each balloon had name of only one individual written on it. The number of balloons in the room was same as the number of citizens in that town.He asked everyone to enter the room at the same time and find the balloon that had her name on it. They had only three minutes to find their balloons.

The game stopped after three minutes. Everyone came out of the room without their balloons. They just couldn’t find their balloons in that short time!

Now the host asked them to repeat the same exercise. But this time he shared a strategy with all. “Instead of trying to find your ballon, help others find their baloons”.

This time this worked like a magic! Everyone was picking up a balloon, reading the name on it, finding the person and handing over the balloon.

When the game stopped after three minutes, everyone came out of the room with their own balloons.


Abhimanyu Gupta

Abhimanyu Gupta lives in Chesterfield, Missouri with his wife Nilanjana & son Anusurya. His profession is software testing and his passion are music and books.

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